Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pilgrims' Process

My elder daughter, 2009 Holy Land pilgrim Valerie Taylor, snapped this photo of once and future pilgrims from St. John's Episcopal Church in Rancho Santa Margarita with our guest preacher and celebrant last Sunday, Fr. Fuad Dagher from the Galilean town of Shefa'-Amr. Left to right: Yvonne, David, Bob, Fr. John, Mary, Cheryl, Nancy, Christopher, Fr. Fuad, Shirlee, Melinda, Jan, Ron, Deb, Phyllis, Dale, Leslie, Sandy, Pat, Gary, Tom, Joe, Debbie, Sandy, Andrea, and Sue. Pilgrim Kathy was getting ready for her first attempt to teach the story of Queen Esther to kindergartners (where's Madonna when you need her?).

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