Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Any Tools At Their Disposal"

Maarja Krusten's latest post is a primer for archivists who must deal with former presidents and their associates while managing records and running presidential libraries:
Some may use punitive measures and threats against you. That just may be a part of their political acculturation, so ingrained it seems like the normal way of doing things.
Consider how frightening scrutiny may appear to people accustomed to relying on spin control and message discipline. One minute they’re in office, wielding great power, The next minute, they’re out of office, supposedly ready for “history’s” judgment. Don’t assume they won’t fight back or use any tools at their disposal to protect themselves.
Helpful insights, perhaps, for Nixon library director Tim Naftali, facing opposition to a new Watergate exhibit from Richard Nixon's former White House staffers.

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