Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Child's Christmas In Yorba Linda

You buy a house on East Lake in Yorba Linda (we didn't, but we live nearby), and the Realtor says, "Um, it's not exactly mandatory, but your neighbors may get a little testy if you don't put up Christmas lights." The lights on the lake attract people from all over north Orange County.

Last night was the annual parade of lights, when electric boats arrayed like jewels on a string made their stately three-knot way through four feet of water. The night before, Friday, the homeowners' association brought in snow for the kids to play in while moms and dads, some wearing scarves and mittens, sipped hot chocolate and shivered in 50 degrees. It had been cool enough during the day on Saturday that there was plenty left for Kathy and me to slide around on during our evening walk. I even made a snowball. How about that?

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