Monday, January 26, 2009

Let Them Eat Cheetos

PETA has launched a campaign aimed at getting children to stop eating fish. But as the "Economist" notes:
The big problem with this story and all this direct marketing is that the scientific evidence that eating fish is vital to children’s health and intelligence could not be clearer. And this finding takes into account the detrimental effects of mercury, which are far outweighed by the benefits accrued by the benefits of eating fish.


John Whittaker said...

I 'call' your story regarding the PETA position on fish and I 'raise' you the plight of the cantaloupe:

Its a little old, occurring last May, but along the same lines of foolishness only with vegetables. Sigh, when did the "intellectual" elite turn-in all their sense?


Fr. John said...

Watch out, brother -- someone might throw fish oil (or cantaloupe juice) at you!