Monday, January 26, 2009

"Being A President Is An Impossible Job"

As he has before, Ron Howard (shown on the set of "Frost/Nixon"), the ultimate boomer director, suggests he had a silent majoritarian perspective on the 37th President while he was in office. Stuart Jeffries interviews him at the Guardian as the film opens in England:
So, back then, did he despise Nixon? Is that also what tempted him to make the film? "Not before Watergate. In fact, he had done me a favour. I didn't particularly want to go to Vietnam and so, belatedly, he had at least done the thing he said he was going to do - which was get us out of Vietnam and undo the draft. I appreciated him for that." So it was thanks to Nixon that Howard never saw real combat. "I remember watching the interviews. Being a president is an impossible job - it's naive to think someone can do the job and not bend the law here and there."

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