Thursday, January 29, 2009

Alien Secrets Buried Here

Richard Blandford:
The late comedian and UFO obsessive Jackie Gleason apparently claimed that Richard Nixon once showed him the corpses of aliens found in a crashed UFO and were stored at a Florida air base. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, is known to have an interest in UFOs (a book on the Roswell crash was noted as being in his office in the Starr Report), but claimed that no one in the US military had told him anything.
I wouldn't dare ridicule the Great One for believing in little green men, since my wife, Kathy, does at well. When she was President Nixon's chief of staff in the early 1990s, she worked up her courage one more morning and asked the 37th President of the United States if he had ever been shown any secret UFO evidence. He said no, cleared his throat, and changed the subject, which was typically thoughtful of him.

Although RN was preternaturally down to earth, UFO lore continues to dog him. Google "Nixon, UFOs, Hungary," and you'll get the idea. Evidently Hungarian is a language from another planet. Theorists also believe that the Nixon Library operated as a private institution for its first 17 years to make it easier for us to hide the secret UFO evidence.

That's why, when we opened a new space exhibit many years ago, we called it "Area 37."

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