Monday, March 19, 2012

Iran: We'll Get Back To You In A Few Months

An AP report says that Israeli officials now agree with the U.S. conclusion that Iran hasn't yet decided whether to build a nuclear weapon. Of course it all may an Iranian ploy to trick the Israelis, who are itching to attack, into standing down and leaving the task to the U.S., which Iran may have concluded is less certain to do so:

Israel officials have said that with Iran moving its installations underground, Israel's level of bunker-busting capability leaves it with a window of no more than several months to act effectively. The United States, with more powerful bombs, would have a much longer period — but leaders [in Israel] are loathe to be entirely dependent on U.S. determination on the issue.

The suspicion in Israel is that the Iranians have held off on a decision [to build a weapon] in order to deny Israel — and other countries — the pretext for an attack, officials said...

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