Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watergate And Floodgates

At the March 31 opening of the Nixon library's new Watergate exhibit, director and exhibit curator Tim Naftali, coming to the end of his months-long struggle against Nixon-Haldeman operatives, choked up for a moment while talking about his charming mother, Marjorie, and, well, a friend. A bit John Boehner-like, as Naftali smilingly notes; and might we also say Nixonian? In her comments, archives official Sharon Fawcett, with whom Kathy O'Connor and I worked for years to get the Nixon library into the federal system, appeared to overlook the first generation of archivists who worked on the Nixon White House materials.

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MK said...

So glad I got to see Tim on video, really nice! Your kindness is much appreciated. Who woulda thought, huh? I laughed at how JY began his post about RP, writing that you were nice and thoughtful and adding "true story." Oh, and I had a nice wrap up with JY at CP and on FB; see email I just sent.