Sunday, April 24, 2011

37 Felt Strongly About This

When Nixon stuck up for Deep Throat.


MKI said...

Clicked on the link, read the first page, went "buh-bye, big crybaby," never got to the part about RN. Can't relate to whiny guys like Black. Gather in your clubhouse and pout, I don't care. Better conservatives, please. Yeah, I'm still up, listening to my dudes with the earrings from teh 80s. Grin. And oh yeah, I get feisty at the end of the day!

MK said...

Left alone wirth my thoughts all day (no church service at "our" church -- read Mom's church) -- and my thoughts can run on....and they do, revisiting a lot, incl. cowardice. Sorry u caught blowback of my contempt for NRO and Black and such.

Fr. John said...

No apology necessary, MK! I actually should've excerpted the Nixon-Felt part, but I was lazy.