Friday, December 17, 2010

Hair Dye Not An Issue For Me

But what's the problem with cuff links? An excerpt from the 43-page dress code that UBS AG, the financial services company, issues to its employees in Switzerland:
Women must button their jacket when standing, unbutton it when sitting. Men must tie knots that match the shape of their face and body. Women should wear "light makeup consisting of foundation, mascara and discreet lipstick" because doing so will "enhance your personality." Men who are graying shouldn't dye their hair because the "artificial color contrasts excessively with the actual age of your skin."

Short sleeves, cuff links, stubble, a preponderance of facial hair and jackets stored on wire hangers are verboten. Same goes for short socks that don't completely cover one's calves when seated. And garlic, onions and smoking at lunch are out of the question.


MK said...

Wow. I couldn't have gotten away with the blue sprayed hair for Halloween on the day I had research room duty, the way I did at NARA! Or some of my other New Wave styling ( 1980s and early 1990s), usch as wearing mismatched earrings, blue nail polish, etc. Glad I worked at NARA, instead.

Fr. John said...

LOL. I had an image of Fred walking into the research room and telling you, "Unbutton your Klingon uniform jacket -- you're sitting down!"

MK said...

Hah! I was taking a sip of water as I started to read your comment. Bbig mistake, I almost spit it out, laughing, that was so funny!