Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Only Half The Demos Needs Apply

As Republicans continue to defile the First Amendment to win some House and Senate seats, a former governor of New York criticizes local officials for letting the lower Manhattan mosque go forward and for failing to do more to rebuild a Greek Orthodox church that was destroyed on Sept. 11. To give some additional heft to this brazen hypocrisy, at the same news conference a GOP congressional candidate from Long Island, George Demos, a Greek Orthodox Christian himself, piped in:
[He] said, without offering evidence, that the Islamic center would be built with money from Saudi Arabia, “a nation that prohibits people from even wearing a cross or the Star of David.”
Whereas the Greek Orthodox church prohibits half its people from even wearing a collar.


Anonymous said...

The collar is a custom of the church, people aren't allowed to wear the Star of David or a cross in the streets in Saudi Arabia. Big difference....

Fr. John said...

Fair enough. My comment was a bit of a rhetorical flourish -- though I do believe that the fact that most Christian denominations and sects treat women as second-class citizens when it comes to ordained ministry and leadership is a profound global problem.