Thursday, August 26, 2010

Liberal Dupes

If Newt Gringrich and Sarah Palin keep up with what they're doing on the lower Manhattan community center and mosque, they'll finally get their wish: The U.S. will end up just like western Europe. The New York Times:

For many in Europe, where much more bitter struggles have taken place over bans on facial veils in France and minarets in Switzerland, America’s fight over Park51 seems small fry, essentially a zoning spat in a culture war.

But others, especially in countries with nothing similar to the constitutional separation of church and state, find it puzzling that there is any controversy at all. In most Muslim nations, the state not only determines where mosques are built, but what the clerics inside can say.

Oops. Sorry. That's what they say Obama wants. I forgot for a second.

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