Thursday, December 29, 2011


Israel's top spies are less concerned than its political leaders and their U.S. supporters that Iran, if it developed a nuclear weapon, would use it against the Jewish state. Their perspective appears to be based on the assumption that Israel would shoot back. How naive!


John Gillette said...

For them to say, "Oops, we were wrong." would be a lot easier than for the political leaders to say, "We decided to wait because we thought the Iranians were rational." Like wise, peace-niks over here, with no real dog in the fight can call for restraint by the US and Israel. They aren't in range. In this case, shooting back, is not a good option.

John Gillette said...
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Fr. John said...

Of course the Iranians are rational. Why wouldn't they be? They're no more fanatical than the Soviets, on whose rationality we staked our policy for 45 years.