Friday, December 30, 2011

Brief Empty Nest Inspection

My favorite Christmas Day photo -- Kathy after making the day festive for everyone, Lindsay rocking her Nepalese cap from Joshua Tree and getting set for the snows of Washington State, Valerie and Mark experiencing their last single Christmas, and Meaghan and Dan a few hours before their flight to London.


MK said...

Great photo! Love the facial expressions--and the cool arrangement.

What were temperatures like out there on Christmas Day? We've had a pretty mild December in the DC area, many 50 degree daytime highs this month. Turning cold next week when I go back to work, highs in the low 30s predicted with overnight lows in the 20s! We haven't really had a hard freeze here this winter yet.

Fr. John said...

It's been mid-70s days all week, MK.