Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Bullhorn

At the Nixon library, it's the president's White House aides vs. the federal government over what the public gets to see about Watergate. But that's nothing compared to what the George W. Bush library is up against: Church people! The New York Times reports about a controversy over what sounds like a benign exhibition of Bush artifacts that's been assembled to mark the groundbreaking of his presidential center on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas:
“I hope that a bullhorn will not become the symbol for the entry of the United States into an unjustified war and that a pistol of Saddam Hussein’s is not seen as some strange symbol of victory in that horrendous misjudgment,” said Tex Sample, an elder in the Methodist Church who helped lead the opposition to the Bush Institute’s placement at S.M.U. “That these should be the symbols of the values and commitments of the Bush administration and should now become the face of Southern Methodist University is cause for alarm.”

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