Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Robert Schuller And His Works

The Crystal Cathedral, which has split from its founding pastor, Robert H. Schuller, and his family, says his and Mrs. Schuller's demand for $3.5 million from a bankruptcy settlement is unreasonable. But as reported this morning by the Orange County Register, Schuller says he and the church had a deal:

"Many have told me that I redefined the Christian message. I had to. And it resonated," he said.

"God flourished my ministry and my career of creative thinking, communicating and writing back 50 years. Many advised me to use these materials to amass wealth. I believed the better course was to allow my works to generate revenue for the ministry," Schuller, 85, says in the video posted Saturday, the same day he announced he and his wife, Arvella, were resigning from the cathedral's board of directors.

"My family and I would never receive royalties on the revenue that my materials brought into the church; materials that were created on our own personal time. Then, when I stepped out of active management of the ministry in 2005, in exchange for continuing to use my materials, the ministry granted my wife and me retirement pay that was intended to provide for us for the rest of our lives," he said.

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