Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Desmond Schools Rowan

Archbishop Desmond Tutu talks tough to Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and the Anglican Church (in England, that is) because of their equivocation on granting full sacramental status for gays and lesbians. He saves his most withering criticism for those who still insist that homosexuality is a lifestyle:
It is a perversion if you say to me that a person chooses to be homosexual. You must be crazy to choose a way of life that exposes you to a kind of hatred. It's like saying you choose to be black in a race-infected society.

Hat tip to Norris Battin

Editor's note: Barry Fernelius, who read the BBC article more carefully than The Episconixonian did, notes that it was published in 2007.


Barry Fernelius said...

But this is from 2007, right?

Fr. John said...

Oops! Thanks, Barry.