Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Watergate's Rising

Completely overlooking the work of the Nixon Center in Washington, a Canadian reporter makes some excruciating comparisons between how the Nixon and Reagan legacies are managed -- and notes that the new Watergate exhibit is under construction at the Nixon library in Yorba Linda.
Hat tip to Rick Perlstein


J.C. Marrero said...

Dang, that's depressing. Brings to mind the song from "Cabaret"--"Everybody loves a winner, so nobody loves me". Having visited both Libraries this summer, I thought the Reagan Library almost resembles a religious pilgrimage center--RR as St. George. And, US One as a museum exhibit is a stroke of genius and a grand display of wealth.

In comparison, Nixon's Library is touchingly simple, especially the plain memorials and the birthplace, of course. The "resignation" helicopter is so small and not at all luxurious inside. It is a stark reminder of how his presidency ended. If they are going to build a shelter for it, maybe a Chinese pagoda might add a little hint of triumph to balance the tragedy.

Fr. John said...

In fairness to the Nixon, they've only got nine acres. The archives wing had to be shoehorned in.