Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt's Rainbow Revolution

Sumbul Ali-Karamali:

Those who insist on characterizing Egypt's electrifying protests of the last week as "an Islamic uprising" fail to notice the Egyptian Christians who are protesting alongside Muslims and other Egyptians in Tahrir Square. It's an amazing mosaic of Egyptians from all walks of life: women in black robes alongside young men drinking beer alongside Muslim Brotherhood members alongside secularists alongside professionals, and so on. As an American Muslim not of Egyptian descent, I find myself hoping that one of the results of this uprising will be solidarity between Egyptian Muslims and Egyptian Christians.

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Shivaun Wilkinson said...

It is funny how quickly we overlooked that the recent dictator actually did his fair share of persecuting Christians. During Coptic Christmas, moderate Muslims came out and used their own bodies as a physical barricade surrounding churches to protect those celebrating the holiday. It also amuses me how quickly the American principles that we want to gush about on the 4th of July, like self-determination are completely lost on us when we fear it will hurt our interests.