Sunday, February 6, 2011

Obama Is The New Kissinger

Ross Douthat on our realist president:
Obama’s response to the Egyptian crisis has crystallized [Barack Obama's] entire foreign policy vision. Switch on Rush Limbaugh or Fox News, and you would assume that there’s a terrible left-wing naïveté — or worse, a sneaking anticolonial sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood — at work in the White House’s attempts to usher Hosni Mubarak out the door. But look closer, and it’s clear that the administration’s real goal has been to dispense with Mubarak while keeping the dictator’s military subordinates very much in charge. If the Obama White House has its way, any opening to democracy will be carefully stage-managed by an insider like Omar Suleiman, the former general and Egyptian intelligence chief who’s best known in Washington for his cooperation with the C.I.A.’s rendition program. This isn’t softheaded peacenik dithering. It’s cold-blooded realpolitik.

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Ed Cimler said...

I can't agree with you on this one, John. Our president has undergone a minitransformation since he's acquired some oversight from Congress, but he's still the reactive politician chasing the polls.....agreeing that Mubarik should step down a couple of weeks after the riots started.