Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scott Walker Is The New Nixon

So says Wisconsin blogger Deke Rivers.


Gregory Humphrey said...


Thanks so much for reading about the events in Madison. I have followed you for years...back when you were at the RN Library. We chatted once over email about some 20 hours of video I had of the days following RN's passing taped from network TV. I had tried to record it on DVD at the time and had no luck. It was to have been sent to the library. It was only after you left that I bought a machine that allowed for me to burn the copies from VHS to DVD. Anyway, this is a long way of saying though we never met we have been in touch. Nixon was just one of the most interesting men who was ever elected President. I never fail to be impressed with his time on the world stage, or learning more about him.

Thanks for the link, and have a nice weekend.

Fr. John said...

I remember our e-mails. I hadn't made the connection between Gregory and Deke. Love the blog! Best wishes.