Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rush Rumsfeld

The former secretary of defense on President Obama:
I think he has made a practice of trying to apologize for America. I personally am proud of America.
A practice? I'm sure Rumsfeld has memcons to back that up.


MK said...

Pardon me for being cynical (yeah, I do fall into that trap sometimes), but I think Rumsfeld is just reading off the All Points Bulletin that instructs people who didn't vote for Obama to equate reflection with apologizing. It's kind of an old fashioned "managerial infallibity" thing, which I think will lessen when a younger generation accustomed to 360 feedback and dialogue in the workplace moves into punditry!

Fr. John said...

I wasn't wild about Obama's Cairo speech. But calling someone naive about the world is one thing; implying that he's not proud of his country is another.