Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Punk'ds And Thugs

At "Caffeinated Politics" in Wisconsin, Deke Rivers compares Gov. Scott Walker to Richard Nixon for seeming to be open to the idea of sending thugs into the crowd of anti-Walker, pro-union demonstrators in Madison.

In his conversation with a blogger who was pretending to be fat cat David Koch, Walker sounded to me like someone who was parrying a bad idea with a tactical argument instead of saying to a powerful, friendly multibillionaire, "How dare you make such a disgusting suggestion?" But Rivers is right that it should probably be looked into:
I think we need to know who the “we" happen to be that work for Governor Walker that would hatch an idea about placing “troublemakers” into a protest crowd at the Capitol.

Were they trying to test the patience of all involved, including law enforcement? Who brought the idea to Walker? Why was that person not released from state service at once? Where did this idea get discussed? In the Governor’s office? The residence?
This is serious as it could have led to chaos and even bloodshed had it been put into action.

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