Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Knew It

The iPad is useless.


MK said...

Hah. And I just mentioned you in a very complimentary fashion in my latest blog post, which I just put up, about discourse, communications, and technology, "An Old Fashioned Value, Playing it Cool." That was in response to the guy at a technology and information blog who had complained about email, LOL. Hadn't read this link to the complainer on Slate yet. Hehehehe.

Fr. John said...

It's the first gadget I've had no yen for. With a MacBook Air, iPhone, Kindle, and the Kindle app on all my devices, I have literally no use for the iPad -- but people keep asking when I'm going to get one. I keep wondering, "Why don't I want one? I must be missing something!" I thought the "Slate" piece nailed it.