Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who Really Bottled Up The Nixon Tapes?

A comment I left tonight at NixoNARA:
Ironic that while Nixon’s interest while alive may have been to delay the opening of tapes, now that he’s dead, it would be better to get them out ASAP so balanced assessments might begin. Further irony: Nixon legal pressure, political pressure, or a combination of both delayed tape openings from 1987 until [Stanley] Kutler’s lawsuit in, what, 1992? With no apparent external pressure whatsoever, NARA will have taken from 1996 (when the Kutler suit was settled) until 2012 (est.) to open the entire collection of non-Watergate tapes.

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MK said...

Interesting question. I don't know. I left some comments under your comment at my blog when I saw it this morning!