Saturday, November 27, 2010

Those Pesky In-Laws Again

Robert Anthony Schuller was supposed to succeed his father in the pulpit at the Crystal Cathedral, but family politics kept him out:
Robert Anthony took over as the lead pastor, the role he had been groomed for. But he made it clear he wanted a shift in the church's culture: He proposed fewer family members and in-laws on the board for more transparency.

But before any changes were made, a July 2008 board meeting took away many of his duties. With a swift vote, the board created a three-person Office of the President, consisting of Fred Southard, the chief financial officer, and two of Robert A.'s in-laws.

"That was a single pivotal point," said Jim Case, a former board member who is now a congregant at [Schuller grandson] Bobby's church.

Soon after the July meeting, church leadership told Robert Anthony that his sermons weren't "anointed." Then, he couldn't preach on Sunday mornings. In November 2008, he resigned.
The church is now bankrupt.

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