Friday, November 26, 2010

If God Had Wanted Us To Be Suspended 4000 Feet Over The Bottom Of The Grand Canyon And 70 Feet Out From The Rim, He Would've Given Us Longer Toes

The investigative team at The Episconixonian has just learned of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, at Eagle Point. We were neither briefed nor consulted. Last I'd heard, the National Park Service was drastically limiting the number of cars permitted along the South Rim. This massive embellishment seems inconsistent with the idea of limiting humankind's footprint on a peerless natural wonder.


Nancy Larkin said...

I don't think the Skywalk is in the National Park, John -- it's on an Indian reservation to the west of the park.
Don't know if that will make you feel any better about it or not! :-)

Fr. John said...

Ah. Good to know.