Friday, October 8, 2010

Where's God In That?

After a couple of Grandparents Day chapels this morning at St. John's School, I'm heading to San Diego with 15 buddies from St. John's Church for our men's retreat -- fellowship, food, golf (for some), guitars (for others), worship (but not too much, guys; don't worry), and, while we're at it, learning better how to discern God's will.

Our facilitator will be entrepreneur, spiritual director, and episcopal spouse Stephen Bruce, who genially busted my chops as a member of my discernment committee during an internship at the Church of the Messiah in Santa Ana lo! these many years ago. Man kept asking me, "So where's God in that?"

Great question, it turns it. Here's our prayer for the weekend:
Holy Father, we understand that our lives entail one decision after another, decisions that affect our family and work lives, decisions while driving and while at rest, decisions that can come out right or wrong. Our faith teaches that you are listening, cautioning, and counseling whenever we turn to you. Sometimes, we forget to listen. Other times, your voice seems hard to hear. During this weekend of fellowship, inquiry, worship, and rest, help us learn to quiet our busy minds so that we can hear your voice loud and clear. We pray in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ, Amen.

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