Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perfect Songs: "If You Were A Bluebird" (1977)

Joe Ely. Song by his Flatlanders colleague Butch Hancock. A perfect song for many reasons, including the unselfconscious use of the conditional contrary to fact. As RN might have said, there are those who would've written "if you
was a bluebird" (and yet note last verse!).

If you were a bluebird you'd be a sad one
I'd give you a true word
But you've already had one
If you were a bluebird,
you'd be crying
You'd be flying home

If you were a raindrop,
You'd shine like a rainbow
And if you were a train stop,
The conductor would sing low
If you were a raindrop,
You'd be falling
You'd be calling home

If you were a hotel
Honey, you'd be a grand one
But, if you hit a slow spell,
Do you think you could stand one
If you were a hotel,
Well I'd lean on your doorbell
I'd call you my home

If I was a highway,
I'd stretch alongside you
I'd help you pass by ways
That had dissatisfied you
If I was a highway,
Well I'd be stretchin'
I'd be fetchin' you home

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