Friday, October 2, 2009

Fat Chance, Max

Max Boot tells Republicans to back the President if he gives Gen. McCrystal what he's asking for in Afghanistan:
The president’s dedication is indeed open to question, but it’s still possible he may give McChrystal what he needs in order to win. If he does, conservatives would be well-advised to support the president rather than to engage in partisan carping as too many of them did during the 1990s while Bill Clinton was taking military action in Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq, and elsewhere. Back then, some on the Right mindlessly adopted an isolationist stance simply because interventions were being ordered by a Democratic president. That is a mistake they should not repeat. Instead, “national security conservatives” should unite to support our troops and their battle-tested commanders as they try to turn around a failing war effort in Afghanistan.
Hat tip to Mike Cheever

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