Friday, October 2, 2009

Pastor David

David Letterman's presentation last night about his brush with an alleged blackmailer, a CBS News producer. They say the greatest comics are motivated by absolute terror. Here's proof. Even while telling this frightening, humiliating story, his timing is flawless. It's also worth studying the bond he creates with his audience by being honest (we trust) and self-deprecating (though ultimately standing up for what's right). It's actually a good life lesson for ministers. I'm not always his biggest fan, but I sure was last night.

Friday evening: CBS has prohibited YouTube from showing the video. Too bad. Courtesy of the New York Times, you can watch it here.

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MK said...

I'm home today and have lots of tinme to browse the web. Thanks so much for posting this! I agree with you about his timing. It couldn't have been easy for him but he didn't lose his touch. Fascinating!