Friday, September 4, 2009

More Proof Nixon Invented The Internet

Here. First announced here.


MK said...

Oh, that's fascinating! I've read previously about Arpanet but didn't realize the first data transmission test between two computers took place so early during RN's term. Your 2001 Letter from Yorba Linda, which mentioned the letter sent to Julie Nixon Eisenhower, was very interesting. I used to look in on your site there on the Foundation's site, from time to time, years ago. As I had time, I'd read your posted Letters from Yorba Linda and quietly look at the forum postings but missed that particular one. (I actually was tempted to join the old forum, even back then. but never did!)

Thanks so much for the cool info about the web! Federal Computer Week reported this week that the White House is looking at how to captured under the Presidential Records Act its Facebook page. Something to add to the millions of letters from ordinary citizens stored at Presidential Libraries for Presidents starting with herbert Hoover. But there's a twist, unlike such static content, dynamic content is a challenge to preserve archivally.

I've been lurking for a long time. Your blog essays here at Episconixonian are so eclectic and thought provoking, that's what makes this site so interesting!

Fr. John said...

Thanks, MK! I'm grateful to have a reader, especially one as discerning and thoughtful as you.

Anonymous said...

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