Friday, September 4, 2009

Blessed Are The War-Preventers

Noting my passing reference to Dr. King earlier today, a friend who discerningly studies leadership (and pretty much everything else) shared his jewel of a precis:
The courage, charisma and eloquence of Dr. King may have prevented a racial war that would have left history's greatest country divided and weakened. If wars can change history, so can those preventing wars. Dr. King was a peacemaker appropriately awarded the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize, and uniquely honored with an American national holiday. Following in the footsteps of Gandhi, King demonstrated the courage it takes to be a peacemaker. He kept his eye on the prize despite being stabbed in New York, stoned in Chicago, and bombed in Montgomery. His tragic Memphis martyrdom underscored the threat of racism and the depth of Dr. King's courage to give his last full measure of devotion.


MK said...

Excellent observation. Having recently read Taylor Branch biography of Martin Luther King, I find the comments spot on. People such as King and John Lewis, (whose autobiography I read last year) -- believers in non-violence, brave advocates, and targets of incredible racial hatred -- showed tremendous courage and forbearance. During the late 1960s, they faced criticism within their own movement but persevered. In reading about their experiences, I simply was in awe of what they went through. I'm glad to see that there are people who recognize that still and can place it in perspective, even in this (often dispriting to me) day and age. Thank you for posting this!

Fr. John said...

Thanks, MK. I'm afraid I got bogged down in Branch's first volume -- not because it wasn't excellently done. Still on my Kindle, though~