Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pray And Wait And See

A buddy in the Diocese of Los Angeles, the Rev. Canon Michael Bamberger, is a volunteer firefighter and acting fire chief in the city of Sierra Madre as the chief rushes home. He reports tonight:
Some of you may have heard that today was a bad day for the fire service here. Two guys from the Los Angeles County Fire Department were killed when their vehicle went off the road in the burn area. The names of the two men have not been released. All of my people are accounted for and are safe.

The fire made some significant runs today. The fire is expected to come over Mount Wilson some time this evening. It will still be two big ridges and 4000 feet of elevation away from Sierra Madre, but as the crow flies, it is only 3 miles away. I anticipate some more nervous days ahead, but the terrain is in our favor and the weather is supposed to improve gradually over the next few days. We’ll just have to pray and wait and see.

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