Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Homecoming": Sermon For 16 Pentecost

While in southern California it's hard to tell that summer has given way to fall (at St. John's, we had a jazz mass and Homecoming picnic to prove it), Jesus's earthly ministry takes on the chill of winter once Peter and his other disciples discern his destiny. They definitely hadn't banked on the Cross. Before long they recover enough to begin squabbling with one another over which of them will be ranked first. As an alternative to hierarchy, Jesus tells them to behave toward one another and the rest of humanity exactly as he welcomes the most powerless and frequently undervalued people of his time, namely children. Steve the Phillies fan showed exactly how you do that last week when his three-year-old threw away his precious foul ball. See that loving expression? See the look of perfect forgiveness? Well preached, Steve, because that's how Jesus calls us to act toward everyone. My Sunday sermon (in which I call Steve "Joe"; strike one!) is here.

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