Monday, June 18, 2012

He Put A Donut In Our Tea Party

My blogging buddy Maarja Krusten, historian and former Nixon tapes archivist, says David Ferriero is the coolest archivist of the U.S. in history. Here's proof: He recently hosted a jelly-filled replay of the War of 1812, pitting great American donuts Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme against Canada's Tim Hortons.

Don't be comfited by the U.S.'s home town advantage. We frittered it away yet again. We didn't get Canada after winning the war (we probably should have; just sayin'), and now Tim Hortons has won the great taste test -- oddly enough, since the U.S. judges outnumbered Canada's two to one, literally. That really sticks in my cruller.

But donut holes are better than canon balls anytime, especially when the AOTUS capped the evening by screening his favorite movie, "Strange Brew." Ask most intellectuals to name their pick flick, and they'll say "Rashomon" or "Richard III." As inflexible, impractical, unimaginative ideology squeezes more and more joy out of our civic life (like if you dropped a phone book on a Boston cream), it's a blessing when top officials dare to be cheesy.

Still, I want a rematch. How about you? As Lady Gaga might say, show your bear claws, little monsters.


Gene Giordano said...

Downfall started when they tried to call crullers...twists! That said, I'll take the Horton's and a Rashomon to go please.

Fr. John said...

LOL, Gene. Our St. John's friend Nancy Constable (who was born in Windsor) also voted for Hortons on Facebook. If you're picking them over Dunkin' (which you can't get out here), they must be great.

MK said...

Strange Brew "cheesy?" Take off!