Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Romney Channels Gingrich

Trying to score points over Barack Obama's innocuous comment to the Russian president, Mitt Romney said that Russia is the "number one geopolitical foe" of the U.S. We have a classic great power relationship with Russia, partners in some matters, rivals in others, with generally friendly and constructive relations across the board. It used to be in presidential politics that a comment this ignorant and irresponsible would disqualify a candidate. Romney's father's prospects foundered because of a far less worrisome statement about Vietnam. I guess Newt Gingrich has lowered the bar for everyone.


Mr. Dobolena said...

So much about this political season has seemed about rolling back the clock 40 or 50 years; this is just one more element.

The sad fact may be that there are an awful lot of frightened or frightenable people out there and never a dearth of people willing to try and frighten them into doing something.

Fr. John said...

Well said. After I wrote the post, I read something saying this isn't Romney's first provocative statement about the Russians. Perhaps he's fallen under Dr. Kissinger's influence or that of some other balance-of-power obsessive! In this case, he was trying to hard to catch Obama in a gaffe that he committed a much bigger one himself.