Thursday, April 14, 2011

Verging Birthers

Trig birtherism gets some rare mainstream attention from "Slate," though the writer, Rachael Larimore, is finally "inclined to believe" that Sarah Palin is the natural mother of her youngest child. Meanwhile the godfather of the TBs, Andrew Sullivan, who published the fabricated story during the 2008 campaign without checking the facts, says Palin's assertion that she's Trig's mother is "literally incredible," which sounds like another way to say she's lying.

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J.C. Marrero said...

Andrew Sullivan's fixation on this matter is, to put it kindly, bizarre. Not to put it kindly, it is cruel, mysogenistic, and perverse.

At Marie Antoinette's "trial", the prosecution thought that their ace in the hole was to charge that she had molested the Dauphin, then about eight years old. That did not go over well, creating some sympathy even among those most willing to execute her.

Robespierre himself was disgusted, not out of sympathy for MA, but because the prosecution momentarily lost some steam, even among female partisans of the Revolution.

I do not think Gov. Palin is prepared or even suitable to be President, but before I stopped reading Andrew Sullivan there were times I wished she were elected just to spite this man.