Friday, January 23, 2009

Vain Thain's Pane

"The Economist" on the departing Merrill Lynch chief:
[John] Thain reportedly ordered $1.2m to be spent on his suite last year, of which $87,784 went on a rug, $68,179 on a 19th-century credenza, $28,091 on curtains, $18,468 on a George IV chair and $35,115 on a commode, presumably not the type used for night-time relief. The interior designer was not the only beneficiary of Mr Thain’s largesse: his driver picked up $230,000 for a year’s work.
And the New York Times:
Last summer, fuming over another grim quarter for the firm, [Thain] halted a meeting with his chief financial officer and hurled a chair against the wall, shattering a nearby glass panel, according to people briefed on the meeting.
We know just how you feel, John!

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