Monday, January 19, 2009

Rick Warren's Fangs

While Gustavo Arellano is proud that Orange County is on the cutting edge of American Christianity, he has some advice (and a prayer) for Pastor Rick Warren:
Saddleback Church belongs to the Southern Baptist Convention, about as socially conservative a denomination as one can find. When Warren endorsed Proposition 8 last year, and seemingly endorsed bombing Iran when he told Sean Hannity that it was fine to punish "evildoers," he shed his sheep's clothing and bared the conservative fangs long associated with Orange County, much to the detriment of his ecumenical standing.

If Warren truly wants to become "America's pastor," he'll scale back on such bombastic rhetoric. Warren has the chance to redeem Orange County as a place not of avarice but of altruism, and to show that evangelical Christianity can come free of politicking and show genuine concern for all. I'm praying for you, Rick, to consider my words and help lead us to a better future, damn the differences.

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ManhattanPROJECT said...

I find it odd the events that occurred prior to Rick Warrens Book "A Purpose DRIVEN Life" catapulting it to No.1., namely the Nichols case in Atlanta, GA. The fact that there were so many incredible errors that led to the shootings, the fact that he was "drawn" to the Bridgewater Apts. and "saw the Light" after showering and hearing a passage from Ch. 33 of Rick Warrens Book is of interest since Bridgewater Hospital for the Criminally Insane in MA. was known as a major MKULTRA mind control resource center, evidenced in FOIA documents during the 1977 Church and Pike Commission hearings. At the time of the shootings, Holiday Inn was airing a commercial with a man coming out of a shower and spoofing Research Defense Projects, with the shower symbolically representing washing/washington/brainwashing/cleansing/baptismal. 33 is a number closely associated with the Top Degree attained in organizations associated with Enlightenment. In 2000 Sen. Kucinich tried to pass a Bill against the use of mind altering Exotic Weapons on American Citizens. The weapons have been used in all kinds of heinous illegal/criminal practices, including TORTURE of women and children in the US and people who have uncovered government corruption. Mind control operations use programming techniques that incorporate "drivers". The fact that the Warren Commission was a coverup of the Kennedy Assassination, may have subconciously influenced President Elect Obama in asking Rick Warren to appear at his inauguration. Although the rational for picking Warren was the aspect of bipartisanship and unity, the aforementioned "coincidences" that preceded the success of Warren's book and his divisive views cast a dark cloud on what should be a shining moment for the new President.