Sunday, January 4, 2009

iPhone vs. Kindle? No Kontest

Marjorie Kehe, blogging at the Christian Science Monitor, thinks people will take to reading on their iPhones and presumably other handhelds, pushing the Amazon Kindle out of the market.

I doubt it. Who wants to read his phone sitting up in bed? It's not enough to hold onto. Who wants to prop her phone on the kitchen counter while eating her Cheerios? Phones are too small for a pleasant reading experience. I've read 20 books on my Kindle. It's the size of a trade paperback -- just right. Its designers grasped that miniaturization can lead to shrunken returns. Books, even when digitized, should have some heft.

Newspapers, too. Until I got my Kindle a year ago Christmas, I mistakenly thought there was nothing easier than reading the New York Times on a BlackBerry. Buy a Kindle today and save the newspaper business (including, if I may, the post-print Monitor).

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