Monday, January 5, 2009

A Giant Amazonian Apple

Adam Engst predicts the Kindle will make the iPod get bigger:

Look for Apple to introduce a new version of the iPod touch with a larger screen designed for better video viewing and text reading; Bluetooth keyboard compatibility; and optional 3G data access. Although this could be a bit too much wishful thinking, the market is ready for such an iteration of the iPod touch. Sure, it won’t fit in a pocket, but (a) many people in their 40s and 50s simply can’t see the tiny screens on current devices; (b) there’s a sweet spot between the iPhone and the MacBook Air that’s currently unfilled; (c) Amazon’s Kindle has been sufficiently successful to prove that people want a larger device for reading; and (d) the whole pocket thing is sexist anyway, since women mostly carry purses and don’t have reliable pockets. Oh, and (e), I want one.
And here's another techno-blogger promoting the idea of a larger iPod Touch comprising an Apple move on the Kindle. I love iTunes, too, but do we really want one company dominating music and text markets?

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