Friday, January 27, 2012

A One-Source Donniebrook

According to Mark Feldstein, who says Richard Nixon was "crafty, criminal, self-pitying, vengeful, paranoid," but not gay (not that it would matter if he were), sensational claims about 37's sexuality and a possible affair with Bebe Rebozo published in Don Fulsom's new book (out Tuesday) come down to this:
Just a recollection from retired journalist Bonnie Angelo, who, in an interview with me, confirmed the story she told Fulsom: In 1972, she saw a tipsy Nixon pull Rebozo into a group photo at a Florida restaurant and hold his hand for “upwards of a minute.”
That's all you've got, Don? Nixon was a profound introvert whose anxiety spiked when anyone pointed a camera or microphone at him. Bet he grabbed Rebozo's hand and forgot to let go after his brain went into hyper-observing, -calculating overdrive. This two-fisted pre-presidential handshake with Jackie Robinson looks like a semi-permanent arrangement as well. Mrs. Robinson would gladly set you straight, as it were, if you have any suspicions.


DJC said...

I must tell you Mr. Taylor that Fulsoms book is as mean-spirited as can be! Furthermore, as I have spent years gathering bits and pieces of trivia here and there regarding President Nixon, I can tell you that I'd read on either a blog comment or a You Tube commentary a YEAR or so ago about a student who claimed that his college instructor was TEACHING his students these very same lies about Richard Nixon, in his COLLEGE class no less! He also remarked that his instructor was writing a book!  

So THIS is the calibre of instruction Don Fulsom is providing to his students! Base unfounded rumor!  Hopefully this shameful enterprise will at the very least act as a catalyst to deny this wretched man tenure.

As to the hand holding, It's like you said, President Nixon was in thinking over-drive or preoccupied in front of the cameras. 

Look on YOUTUBE here:

at the 1:20 mark Nixon shakes the woman's hand and holds it for several seconds.

None of this hand-holding nonsense means a darn thing!

DJC said...

Furthermore, I can't believe the endorsement that Stanley Kuntler writes for this book. In doing so his already damaged credibility is shattered in my view.

Despite the fact that he's the prime reason the tapes are open for pubIic perusal today, Kutler doesn't seem very familiar with the tapes (or the man behind them) other than those that apply to Watergate, and EVEN those he SOMEHOW FAILS to place in their proper order!

The more that President Nixon's detractors reveal about themselves, and their methods, the better President Nixon looks. I firmly believe that President Nixon was a truly great president. If only we had a candidate of his calibre today.