Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Just Blame Bibi

Who's really dragging their feet on Middle East peace -- the Israelis and their conservative prime minister or the Palestinians, who are more focused on the dramatic changes in neighboring Arab countries and their alliance with Hamas? Jonathan Tobin:
The Arab Spring that many hoped would bring democracy to the Muslim world has morphed into an Islamist Winter that promises nothing but sorrow and future conflict. If the Palestinians, like the voters of Egypt, ultimately choose to embrace radical Islamists, there is not much the West can do to stop them. But they can draw the proper conclusions from this turn of events and forebear from policies that are based on the assumption that the Palestinians still desire peace with Israel. This is especially true for an Obama administration that is still beguiled by the chimera of a peace accord that the Palestinians clearly have no intention of signing no matter where it might place Israel’s borders.

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