Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Drudged This Up, Too

Another Episconixonian link.


DJC said...

Here’s another rational blog response,
I haven’t found too many. Such is the state of journalistic integrity in the blogosphere as most blogs embellish claims and sensationalize headlines all to garner more “hits”
The problem is that there are so many people with short attention spans who internalize lies and rumors all without proof, rational thinking or credible sources.

IMHO Mr. Taylor, you should be director again at the Nixon Library.  

Fr. John said...

Thanks, Donna. I'll do a post about that one.

DJC said...

Fulsom claims to quote Richard Nixon’s San Clemente Chief of Staff Jack Brennan in his foul book.

So today I googled Jack Brennan and Richard Nixon and was presented with this old interview that Jack Brennan had given to People magazine, back in 1976.
After reading Mr. Brennan's thoughts and feelings regarding Mr. and Mrs. Nixon I have a feeling that “Mr.” Don Fulsom should stay clear of any venue where he may come into contact with the ex-marine. I doubt Jack will enjoy reading quotes supposedly attributed to him (no doubt made in jest or not at all) being used to malign the memory of his old boss and friend President Nixon.  

DJC said...

Oh good Mr. Taylor. I point all my friends on youtube to your blog. There are lots of people who respect and admire President Nixon on you tube, and it's very good to be able to gain the insight of someone who actually knew him. That counts for a great deal for those of us who can only learn about him through books, tapes and other documents.

If people would only take the time to actually listen to the tapes, other than the ones culled for offhand comments that may reflect poorly on him, they would see a man who cared for the people of this country as well as his family.

I think Fulsom should be pilloried for his comments about Nixon regarding not only Pat but his daughters as well. Fulsom is beneath contempt.

But to end on a happy note, President Nixon is lucky to have had friends like yourself.
Best wishes to you sir!
-Donna Christensen