Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One More Landslide, Just For Drill

Struck by President Obama's strength in South Carolina and Florida polls, Michael Tomasky speculates about a Democratic landslide in 2o12 but advises Republicans to keep doing what they're doing:
I am not here to say the GOP had better grow up fast. Quite the contrary. If this tantrum lasts through the election, and if 2012 is for the Republicans what 1984 was for the Democrats, then finally our polity stands a chance of functioning again. The Tea Party will be dead and buried. Grover Norquist’s vise lock on the GOP will loosen. Someone will start a centrist Republican Leadership Council, just as people started the centrist DLC back in 1985. A certain number of elected Republicans will understand that being the Party of No didn’t get them much of anywhere. So this poll should not be a wake-up call for Republican voters. Hit the snooze button, folks, and keep fuming away.

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