Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prophylactic Pacifism

Spotted on a Prius in Mission Viejo


MK said...

I've seen this one in the DC suburbs, as well, LOL. But then, I live in what McCain's brother referred to during the 2008 campaign as the "Communist part of Virginia." I really laughed at the statement, given my parents' suffering under Soviet occupation of their homeland and my youthful picketing in front of the Soviet union.

Sometimes, the people around a candidate just have no idea how to attract votes to their side. Or they let slip visceral reactions which reveal what should perhaps have been left concealed. (Or perhaps not left concealed, maybe it was good for NoVa voters to hear that.) At any rate, the campaigning that seemed so attractive in 2000, at least to everyone in my family in the "Communist part of Virginia" during the primaries that pitted McCain against GWB, looked so very, very different in 2008. That was due to some of the unnecessarily divisive and polarizing rhetoric, not so much by the principal, but by some of those around him.

Interestingly, I live in the NoVa county which also recently was adjudged the healthiest in the nation. Little wonder, then, that I say, "huh," when I hear the Limbaughs and the Palins criticize -- with the usual off putting hyperbole -- Michelle Obama for her efforts against childhood obesity. Limbaugh especially came off as mean spirited. Those things really hurt the right -- I saw a liberal blogger laugh that if FLOTUS said something about a topic as innocuous as Number 2 pencils, there would be an outcry on the right against that. To their credit, both Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee defended FLOTUS' advocacy on the Sunday talk shows last weekend.

MK said...

Sorry, make that picketing in front of the Soviet embassy, not Soviet union. Sometimes my mind is on "autofill" as I type, as now when it is 5 am on the East Coast, my morning coffee still is brewing, and I'm not quite wide awake, LOL.