Friday, March 4, 2011

If I Had A Little Hammer

During her research visit this week at the Reagan library in Simi Valley, Claire P. Potter, an historian at Wesleyan University, heard a volunteer docent tell a group of children, as they gazed at a piece of the Berlin wall:
When President Reagan ended communism, the bureaucrats talked and talked about how to take the Berlin Wall down and give the people back their freedoms. But they couldn't figure it out. So you know what? One day the people just went and got their little hammers and they took it down themselves!
Hat tip to Maarja Krusten


MK said...

Thanks for posting a comment at her blog, John. I left a comment at Tenured Radical a few minutes ago but although it initially looked as if it was accepted, it was not published. Perhaps it is in the mod queue. I'll wait and see if it shows up. If not, I may email her a comment, if she lists an addy at her blog. I was rushed today and barely got a post out, in which I touched on her post, before I had to head out. I'll be posting tomorrow on some of the other issues she raised. Again, well done on getting a comment up at her blog so quickly and linked to your good post.

Fr. John said...

I'm so glad you spotted her post! I'd seen her blog before. Lively stuff. Great to have her as part of our little conversation.

MK said...

She found my longish comment in her spanm queue and released it. Of course, I talk about you and Tim: