Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've Heard Blues Future

A Joyous Racket from Barefoot Workshops on Vimeo.

The story of a great music teacher named Justin Zamm and an 11-year-old* guitar and drums prodigy named Kedrious Thomas whom you will hear from again. It all goes down in a classroom and church in Clarksdale, Mississippi, a town most famous as a musical landmark (at least before Kedrious arrived) thanks to the legendary Robert Johnson. Watch until the closing titles, and you'll hear the young people performing Johnson's "Cross Road Blues." And here, from my office wall, is a photo of the crossroad in question.
Hat tip to Colleen and Andy Guilford

*The original post had Kedrious's age wrong.


MK said...

Wow! That was SO cool. Thanks for posting it so we could watch and listen..

Unknown said...

Believe it or not, Kedrious is just a fifth grader and turned 11 this year. Thanks for posting, it means a lot to the young blues musicians of Clarksdale!

Fr. John said...

Thanks, Justin. You're a superstar!