Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Watergate And Foreign Policy

Len Colodny, author of the revisionist Watergate book Silent Coup, has another coming out in the fall. Here's a preview from the HarperCollins catalog. The contention of the shrewdly titled The Forty Years War: Don't follow the money. Follow the neocons:
In this groundbreaking book, renowned investigative writers Len Colodny and Tom Shachtman chronicle the surprising evolution of the neoconservative movement—from its birth as a rogue insurgency in The Nixon White House through its ascent to full and controversial control of America’s foreign policy in the Bush years. The Forty Years War documents the neocons’ undermining of the Nixon White House, their success at halting d├ętente during the Ford and Carter years, their uneasy alliance with Ronald Reagan, and their determination to eventually take the U.S. all the way to Baghdad.

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